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Marsala and THS in Sacramento

Marsala & THS Students -- 2004
      Sacramento State Capitol



Leaders:  Cathy and Spence Burton

The Tomales High School Italian Exchange/Partner School Program began in 1998.  The program is a sending and hosting program.  Tomales High School students have visited our partner school in Italy four times (1999, 2001, 2003 and 2005); Italian students and teachers have visited Tomales High School and stayed with host families in 2000, 2004 and 2006.  In March of 2005 Tomales High School students visited host families in Marsala, Italy and toured Italy and Paris. In March/April 2007 we are returning to Marsala with 11 students!


There are many goals related to this program.  Some of the goals are:  increasing foreign language proficiency in Italian/English; intercultural awareness and appreciation; leadership development; and formation of friendships. 


The students have been actively fundraising by selling candy and selling holiday decorations; and participating in local events as volunteers (i.e. Bodega Bay Fish Fest.)  One of our major fundraisers is the annual “That’s Amore” silent auction and dinner at the Union Hotel in Occidental.


For more information about our program,
contact Cathy Burton at: 707-878-2286 or tomales-exchange@CatherineBurton.com

Dante's Tomb 2003

Dante's Tomb -- 2003

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