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"For every closed mind, there should be a closed mouth!"

Grandfather Clarence Burton in Ashley, PA

Clarence Irwin Burton, My Grandfather --- Ashley, Luzerne County, PA Volunteer Fire Department
Approximately early 1920's --- Front Row, 4th from Left
He was born: August 28, 1877


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I was a candidate in 2008 for the

Petaluma City Council


To go to my old "Official" City Council Candidate Webpage!

For more information, etc., EMAIL me at:  PetalumaCouncil@SpenceBurton.org


POINTers in Person

Chapter 3, Northern California

April 6, 2013 Meeting/Luncheon

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Tomales High School
Sicily/Italy Student Exchange Program
(Click Here for the official "Exchange Program" Webpage)

(Unfortunately this program AND Italian Language classes were not continued after my wife's retirement!)

"... e il sesto giorno Iddio compi la sua opera e lieto d'aver creato tanto bello, prese la terra tra le mani ela bacio.  La, la dove lui poso le labbra e la Sicilia ..."
Renzo Barbera
"... and on the sixth day, God completed his work.  Pleased with his beautiful creation, took the earth in his hands and kissed it.  There, on the very point where his lips touched the earth rose Sicily..."

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