Tomales High School
Italian Student Exchange Program
Istituto Tecnico Agrario
Sciacca, AG, Italy
and the
Istituto Statale "Pascasino"
Marsala, TP, Italy

   In 1999 Tomales High School
located in Tomales, Marin County, California (a large farming and fishing community, about 50 miles north of San Francisco along the coast), began a Sister School Program with the Istituto Tecnico Agrario, c.a. Vetrano located in Sciacca, Agrigento Province, Italy.
    Sciacca also has similar industries, though a much larger city.  It is located on the South-Western coast of Sicily, near the famous ancient Greek city of Agrigento.
   In 2004 THS also allied with an additional Sister School: the Istituto Statale "Pascasino," located in Marsala, Trapani Province, Italy.  Marsala is located near the ancient mountaintop Phoenician City of Erice. Students and Teachers from Marsala visited us in March, 2004 and Nov/Dec 2006.

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Tomales High School --  Italian Student Exchange

Mrs. Cathy Burton & Mr. Spence F. Burton, Co-Leaders

Tomales High School

P.O. Box 198    Tomales, CA 94971

Phone: (707) 878-2286

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