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Management Memorandum
"Carrier Efficiency"

The following is a verbatim copy of a recent Memorandum by the Manager, Post Office Operations of the San Francisco District. Any errors in dates etc. were made by the author, and have not been corrected!
(NOTE: "MPF" = Minutes per foot)

December 24, 1996


SUBJECT: Carrier efficiency

As a group, we have the worst performance in the District relative to achieving the minimum acceptable productivity for letter carriers of 15 MPF. Year-to-date we have used in excess of 93,000 hours - the equivalent of 48 FT carriers - which are not supported by workload. These are hours that we cannot afford to be throwing away.

I am disappointed in you inability to date to start turning this performance around. In AP 4 Wk 2 the average MPF for all of you combined was 21.1 and the APTD is 20.3 MPF. This performance is simply unacceptable. In order to force some action on your part, I am now defining some minimum requirements to address this performance deficiency. The following is effective immediately:

  1. You are to identify, by individual carrier, the worst 10% in terms of MPF performance. In calculating the 10%, use authorized carrier complement and round up - for example, for Sunnyvale that means 20 carriers (total office) and for Belmont it means 4 carriers. In multi-zone offices, I expect 10% from each zone.
  2. You are to develop specific performance improvement plans for each of these carriers. These plans are to include, at a minimum, daily performance discussions, office counts, and street supervision. If you have trained route examiners in your office I also expect to see 3999's completed, along with specific comments on office and street performance.
  3. You are to provide me the names of the individuals selected, their current demonstrated MPF, and a copy of the plan developed to improve their performance.
  4. Each Friday you are to provide me a summary of actions taken with each carrier identified and current demonstrated MPF for the week.
Your initial plans (items 2 & 3 above) are due in my office by Friday, January 3, 1996. Your first weekly reports are due the following Friday, January 10, 1996. Please submit your responses via c:mail.

We have been talking about our poor carrier efficiencies since the first week of the Fiscal Year. I sincerely hope that many of you have already identified your worst performers and begun the process to improve their performance or take the necessary next steps. If not, it is beyond time for you to start the process.

You and your supervisors have been provided the tools to manage the carrier performance for your office. I am simply requiring that you now use those tools.

Kathy Ainsworth
Manager, Post Office Operations

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