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USPS Takes Low Road

Bill Thornton

Its not like we didn’t see it coming. Management unilaterally withdrawing from the Employee Involvement Process was a warning that management would throw out any pretense at progressive management. What the Union has learned (Memorandum to Postmasters City Delivery Offices -Subject Carrier Efficiency, from Kathy Ainsworth, Manager Postal Operations) is the intention of management to attempt to capture costs that they feel are not justified by workload. ("...identify , by individual carrier , the worst 10% in terms of MPF performance...") " ...improvement plans for each of these include ...performance discussions,office counts, and street supervision..."

Although this memorandum was directed only to the Associate Offices under her jurisdiction (including Branch 214 Offices : San Rafael , Novato , Daly City) this kind of approach is likely to be used other places. Management may have already instituted such a policy in San Francisco of this nature but the Union is not currently aware of a formal one. We do know that attacks on certain carriers (the 10% ?) are increasing , including those with 25 years and more of service. Lists of "improper office practices" are circulating.

Management is worried about" minimum acceptable productivity " and wants to turn " performance around ". They claim that the " minimum acceptable productivity " is 15 MPF. Even though the Union does not like to play their numbers games ( we are paid by the hour and not by the foot and are only required an honest days pay for an honest days work ) this figure is not reasonable and nowhere near 18/8 ( a standard really which functions only as means of adjusting routes from 6 day route count data.) Consideration of other activities that carriers must perform in the office everyday , the fact that were not machines, etc.) is forgotten.

They are going after the carriers first that they feel are most vulnerable. It’s like the law of the jungle. (the lion picking first on the wounded zebra) But there is no reason that management will stop with the first 10 %. (there will always be a 10%) Imbued with the corporate greed of the 80s and bonuses at the end of the rainbow , the cost cutters will never be satisfied . It is GREED pure and simple.

What we can do as a Union

Management will attempt to disguise their attempts to speed people up and drive from the Postal Service carriers they find undesirable. They’ll try to justify the attacks based on management rights to operate the business efficiently. They’ll attempt to hang people with "poor performance " or "failure to follow instructions " disciplines. They will attempt to rid the Postal service of their so called 10% -and they won’t stop there.

But they won’t succeed if we take care of ourselves and take care of each other.

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